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Improved ConnectWise Sync

June 5th, 2015 - Posted by Dave S.

Last week when we released support for Autotask our ConnectWise users wanted the same love when it came to being able to assign certain configuration types to Warranty Master™ assets.

Spoiler Alert: "Mission Accomplished" (anybody remember that famous banner?)

OK, all kidding aside, ConnectWise users can now select which configurations we should pick up in our sync by selecting the company statuses/types and configuration statuses/types they have setup. We had to do this because we love your non-standard status names as much as you (who knew a company could have a status "Champion of the Dream Team").

The result? Less clutter in your reports. What's the next step? Well, it's totally up to you, but we recommend you login and inspect the new API settings page to see if our system auto-picked the statuses and types you want us to sync.

Anything else?

Yes, we're eager little puppies hungry to bring you more features so... Stay. Tuned.

Who Does This?

- Dave S.

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