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Edit Assets In-App

July 27th, 2018 - Posted by Ryan O.

For those who haven't met me yet, I'm Ryan, your friendly Product Support Specialist! I'm writing today to share the first of many upcoming feature releases originally hinted at in this post to help you along the road to #Mastery. So let's get to it.

Manually Edit Assets

We continuously work crazy hard to bring our Masterful warranty dates to as many devices as possible. For those rare cases where we can't get you your dates, we now have something for you: The ability to manually enter the key fields directly within our app!

This means it is now possible to manually enter purchase or expiry dates for an asset that we've been unable to find warranty information on. If you have two-way sync enabled on any of your data source integrations, we'll even propagate these custom dates back into your system, because we assume you know something we don't know!

Hiding Assets

You can now hide assets from your end customers and our main sales dashboard reports/calculations. This is great for times when you might have put an MSP-owned unit or backup appliance (or heck even a Raspberry Pi) in your customer's network, but it doesn't really belong in their reports. Don't worry, we'll still perform warranty lookups with two-way sync the dates back into your integrations on a continuous basis... it's just that we won't be including these devices in the customer-facing data.

In-App Edit

In Other News...

We've also added a few other enhancements to the app:

What's Next?

For the new asset edit feature, can find our step by step support article on how to start filling in those missing dates here. Stay tuned for my big follow up post next week where we will have some more Masterful features to tell you about :).

- Ryan O.

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