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Introducing network devices: Firewalls, WAPs, switches, printers and more.

September 10th, 2018 - Posted by Ryan O.

Hold on to your mouse pads fellow #MasterMinds, you asked for it and we delivered! Yes, that's right, you're not hearing things, Warranty Master's warranty lookups, updates and reporting are now available for firewalls, switches, WAPs, printers and other popular network devices. This is in addition to our growing list of existing support for servers and workstations.

To get these new device types into your account, we're starting out by supporting a number of our current existing integrations (basically, any app we support with built-in network device inventory support including serial numbers).

Also stay tuned for our next couple of announcement of features we've already released, but just haven't quite spilled the beans about yet. Yah, we like to walk the walk before we talk the talk...

- Ryan O.

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