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IT Glue and Warranty Master Sync... YES!

December 20th, 2016 - Posted by Dave S.

Yes! We've just released direct support for the ridiculously popular IT Glue! This means you can now seamlessly pull assets from IT Glue into your Warranty Masterâ„¢ account. Should you be excited? Yes!

Pretty. Much. This.

It works both ways: With IT Glue, you can also choose to enable our famed 2-way sync, which auto-populates your IT Glue configuration items' warranty expiration dates. All in a day's work!

Get Connected Already

If you already have a Warranty Masterâ„¢ account, just add IT Glue! We recommended that you integrate your PSA, RMM, and IT Glue with Warranty Masterâ„¢ all at the same time.

If you don't yet have an account, well then what are you waiting for, get connected! Our Free Edition doesn't even require a credit card! ;)

In Closing

I'd like thank all you for the truly incredible year. We have much to look forward to in 2017, so until then, have a super Happy Holidays!

- Dave S.

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