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Welcome NinjaRMM Warranty Lookups!

July 28th, 2016 - Posted by Dave S.

If this were a summer movie... I'd call it...

Dawn of the planet of the Ninjas (NinjaRMM that is...)

Today we welcome NinjaRMM to our world-class automatic warranty lookup and reporting platform!

That's correct, we now perform automatic warranty lookups for NinjaRMM! It's super easy to get going... read all about our Ninja RMM integration, but really, you might just want to go ahead and sign up! You can even get going on our Free Edition without a credit card!

In case you haven't heard, NinjaRMM is a nice new "born in the cloud" RMM (remote monitoring and management) tool which we've been hearing about quite a bit recently!

As usual, here's our trademark 10 second screen-animation :) ...

NinjaRMM Warranty Master™ Integration

The good folks over at NinjaRMM deserve a shout out for being very responsive to our requests and generally making sure the whole integration went smoothly. ありがとうございました (the proper way to say thank you to a Ninja) ;)

- Dave S.

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