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Hello to RG System's RG Supervision, Naverisk and Manage Engine Desktop Central!

March 29th, 2018 - Posted by Dave S.

So our users have been pointing out that although we support many tools, we didn't support theirs... ask, and you shall receive!

I'm happy to announce we've added support for 3 new RMMs which are now live in our app. This means we can now do our Masterful automatic warranty lookups on even more of your favorite tools.

We have just added support for...

RG System LogoRG System (RG Supervision)
We've heard great things about this tool which apparently was the world's first ever SaaS RMM tool.

Naverisk Logo Naverisk
New Zealand based Naverisk combines RMM and PSA into a single offering.

ManageEngine Desktop Central ManageEngine Desktop Central
We first caught wind of ManageEngine when it was proposed to use by our users who are internal IT departments.

What's Next?

Sign up of course if you haven't already. Then stay tuned as we have even more integrations and feature announcements coming soon but I figured 3 is enough for today :).

- Dave S.

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