Warranty Master + ServiceNow: Better Together

May 3, 2019

Warranty Master will be unveiling this powerful new integration to 20,000+ attendees at ServiceNow Knowledge 2019 in Las Vegas, NV from May 7-9.

Gone are the days of manually trying to find out when your ServiceNow configurations are out of maintenance. Starting today, Warranty Master automatically fetches configurations from ServiceNow and performs automated warranty lookups to deliver powerful data insights and reporting virtually instantly. Organizations will now be able to rapidly assess their infrastructure maintenance requirements and have the ability to replace or renew all of their expired devices with minimal effort.

“Best of all, there’s nothing to install and zero maintenance. Warranty Master’s cloud-based platform instantly connects to ServiceNow’s API,” notes Anthony Day, Co-Founder at Warranty Master. “Enterprise organizations can now automate the traditionally difficult process of managing the lifecycle of configurations then sit back and watch the magic happen.”

The integration is immaculately simple yet powerful. Once connected, Warranty Master effortlessly performs continuous, automatic warranty lookups along with write-back of essential expiration dates in real-time with 2-Way Sync.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Automatically and continuously fetch servers, workstations, and network configurations from ServiceNow
  2. Perform warranty lookups using the configuration serial numbers with automated lookup for over 35+ OEMs
  3. We push the updated warranty expiration dates back to ServiceNow
  4. Leverage the highly accurate lifecycle data to deliver instantaneous executive reporting

With nothing to install, Warranty Master instantly connects to the ServiceNow API so organizations can take control of asset lifecycle once and for all. Warranty Master currently has 7,000+ clients globally, and interested organizations can Get Started For Free.

For more information, please see our ServiceNow integration page.

– Adrian M

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