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Feature Release Wednesday: Settings, Issues, Terms...

December 13th, 2017 - Posted by Dave S.

It's holiday season and I'm happy to share with you a few cool new features we've released to help you on the road to #Mastery. Without further ado, let's go:

Settings Enhancements

We serve folks around the globe and well, it turns out everyone has their pet way to do this, so we have a few nice customizations available to you now:

PDF Settings

New Issue Details

We never get tired of hearing how our app is useful beyond just warranties. Our famous "issue engine" has often helped our users solve problems that have been plaguing them for years. With this latest update, we now let you see which devices are causing issues across the board. This enhanced feature helps you fix your messy remote data and get back to business!

Speaking of issues: 2-way sync fights

We now detect if dates we are populating into your various platforms are being forcefully overwritten by misbehaving RMMs who think they know better (*cough* N-central and *cough* Continuum). This new issue system will help you solve these 2-way sync fights for good.

Last But Not Least...

With our expanding product offering we have made some changes to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. It is important you take a look at them so please do so immediately. They are available from the bottom of any page on this site including this one!

- Dave S.

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