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The True Cost of Slow Computers

April 29th, 2015 - Posted by Dave S.

Computers Slow Down Employees

Have you ever wondered what the true cost of slow workstations and laptops are to an organization? It's estimated at 5.5 days per year, per employee - not really surprising, is it? That works out to 2.75% of someone's time, based on an average of 200 work days per year (or 13 minutes per day). Add to this the cost of slow servers, and the problem is dramatically exacerbated. Just to keep this simple, though, let's break this down a little bit for a typical organization with some aging workstations:

About Opportunity Cost

Opportunity cost is all about the amount of production time your employee could be spending doing valuable work had they not been wasting their time waiting for a slow computer. Whether this is a production employee, a sales rep, or a member of your finance team, the opportunity cost is normally double the actual cost - because they could have been shipping product, closing deals or collecting money for you with that spent time. Instead, they're pushing deadlines. Guess who pays for that?

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

Even if the time wasted is half of this projection, I think a $1,000 computer would be a good investment, don't you? Investment in an evergreen and proactive workstation/server replacement budget is highly beneficial to any organization which relies on these computers for their livelihood. 

- Dave S.

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