Warranty Master Expands Extended Warranty Service Coverage to Now Include Workstations and Networking Devices

July 28, 2020

Expanded extended warranty services enables MSPs to realize on average, $134,883 in new revenue.

VANCOUVER, BC – July 28, 2020 – Warranty Master, the leading application for Asset Lifecycle Management, announced today the expansion of their extended warranty service coverage to include workstations and networking devices. The extended warranty service, which has been available for servers, helps MSPs uncover a profitable revenue stream while mitigating the risks of hardware failure and performance issues associated with aging IT hardware assets in client environments.

“Adding extended warranty services on both workstations and networking equipment provides incredible additional value Partners can now deliver to their customers. During the recent economic downturn we have seen a 50% increase in extended warranty sales on servers. Our Partners today manage in excess of 10 million hardware assets worth over $14 billion, over 80% of these devices are workstations. By adding additional hardware that can be included on a services contract our partners have a new revenue stream that also provides protection for their customers. Our application has helped 1,000s of MSPs better manage customers and drive sales. With this additional services release we have dramatically increased that value and I want to thank our entire team who made it a reality.”

On Average, MSPs can Generate $134,883 in New Revenue from Extended Warranties
Despite the recent economic climate that has forced MSP clients to re-evaluate IT budgets, MSPs have successfully offered Warranty Master’s Extended Warranty Coverage as a budget-friendly alternative to IT hardware replacement. To date Warranty Master Partners have sold over 5,000 extended warranties on servers from within the application, generating millions of dollars in sales while ensuring their customers are protected. By offering extended warranty services to their clients, MSPs can now generate on average $134,883 in new revenue.

“One of my clients had 11 servers that were due for a hardware refresh, and he couldn’t commit to the cost. I was able to quickly procure extended warranties for all of those servers. He’s happy we solved his problem, his servers are taken care of, and I secured a healthy margin for my own business.” – Jason Lieberman, President at Lieberman Networks Inc.

About Warranty Master
Warranty Master is the industry leading Asset Lifecycle Management application that helps over 7,500 MSP Partners manage over 10M hardware assets worth $14B. With over 500,000 servers under management, the expansion of Extended Warranty Coverage further broadens Warranty Master’s services to provide coverage for the 8M workstations and networking devices under management today.

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– Warranty Master

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