Warranty Master releases multi-factor authentication

October 30, 2019

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) — sometimes called two-factor authentication or 2FA — is a proven and required process to protect and secure data from a variety of cyber attack vectors. We’re happy to announce that MFA is now available in Warranty Master.

Why is MFA beneficial to your ITSP?

As the digital world and its associated threats evolve, MFA has become a standard for ITSPs to protect their customers’ data and themselves internally. By adding MFA the integrity of your security is maintained even if any of your organization’s users have their password compromised — which is an increasing risk as attacks focused on IT Service Providers, such as phishing, become more sophisticated.

Your customers entrust you with both the integrity and security of their data. Multi-factor authentication ensures that your customer data isn’t accessed by unauthorized third parties, which results in you delivering secure managed services.

How does MFA work in Warranty Master?

We’ve built our MFA capability on top of industry-standard methods, which work seamlessly with all the leading MFA applications in market. The administrator of your account can choose whether or not to require MFA for everyone who has access to Warranty Master at your organization. Alternatively, each user is able to set up MFA individually, if they choose, even if the administrator has not mandated it for the organization.

Once MFA is activated across your organization, each user will receive an email notifying them to return to their account. When they next sign in to their account, they’ll be prompted to scan a one-time QR code with your organization’s preferred MFA application to complete the setup for their user account.

The administrator has access to a convenient dashboard — an all-in-one list of users and their settings, including whether they’re secured with MFA, to efficiently manage your organization’s security.

Ready to set up MFA on your account? Sign in to Warranty Master.

– Dan Wensley

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