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Hello Account Managers!

October 18th, 2017 - Posted by Dave S.

I won't lie. We are very product focused. Our product is our lifeblood. Despite having zero sales employees, Warranty Masterâ„¢ is now one of the world's most popular integrations among all leading MSP/IT support platforms, not to mention being universally accepted as the gold standard in IT warranty management. Woah. How?!

The answer is simple: Warranty Masterâ„¢ is a gem for your company. In the world of LEAN methodology, this means we require low effort/investment but generate high value:

Warranty Masterâ„¢ Value Graph

Let me tell you this: We've secretly been building something that is so unique and new, it is going to create positive change in ways people haven't even imagined yet. In fact, this upcoming feature is so radical (in a good way) we'd like to help users better understand the beauty of the quiet revolution that awaits :).

Account Managers to the rescue!

I'm proud to welcome two new teammates to the crew of #MasterMinds: Daniel and Orlando. They are your Account Managers! They are an entirely different breed, dedicated to making you succeed. They'll do this by helping you harness the genuine power of Warranty Masterâ„¢, ultimately making you a better and more valuable company.

If you haven't already heard from Daniel and Orlando, expect an email/call in the coming days as they reach out to say hello and get to know you a little! Oh, and please be gentle with them at first as they are still learning the ropes. You'll see them appear in app on your settings page like this:
Account Managers

Finally, you might be wondering to yourself: What is this great new secret feature? Well you'll just have to be a little patient. Orlando and Daniel will share it with you directly when the time is right :)

- Dave S.

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