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Welcome to Warranty Master

April 20th, 2015 - Posted by Dave S.

We couldn't be more thrilled to announce our official launch. IT providers and MSPs who currently use ConnectWise and want a radical new approach to warranty lookups & updates are going to love what we've got cooking over here at Warranty Masterâ„¢. Update May 2015: We now also support Autotask!

Why Warranty Masterâ„¢?

Asset renewals and replacement are a challenge to manage, often involving manual report building. Keeping on top of these warranties is incredibly important. Assets reaching end-of-life, as a general rule, perform poorly. Where there's bad performance there's frustration, and where there's frustration there's amazing opportunity. Imagine if you could quickly and easily identify out-of-service or soon-to-expire systems and simply present this information to your customers. Wouldn't the conversation be much easier with undeniable reports? Sign up and see for yourself.

Who We Are

We're an independent software company entering a market that we find to be all too full of half-baked solutions (so many promises, so little delivery). We aim to be the exact opposite. Our development team is one of the most talented, creative and downright inspiring I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The team has in-depth experience with freelance projects for enterprise IT and MSPs, combined with an often overlooked, but all too important focus on user-experience. OK, I'll admit that user-experience is an obsession. Anyway, our product grew out of many discussions identifying a serious lack of leadership in the wonderful world of warranty lookups, updates and management. We knew we could do better than the status quo, and thus was born Warranty Masterâ„¢.

Quick Shout Out

I'd like to personally thank our over 50+ private gunnea pigs beta testers who helped us squash a number of bugs and build what we hope will become the gold standard software as a service for warranty lookups and updates. With the feedback we've received so far... let's just say we're feeling good about it.

What's Next?

We have a number of very exciting announcements coming, including more integrations and even more Masterful reporting. Stay tuned as we roll out these features over the coming months. A wind of change is definitely on the horizon and we hope to be a part of that fresh air. MSPs have been suffocating long enough.

Thanks for your support, and do tell all your friends :)

- Dave S.

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