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1. How does your service work?

We talk to your favorite apps on a regular basis via API for new, updated and/or deleted devices. Using the serial numbers of these devices we get busy and lookup warranties with the various manufacturers. If enabled, we will write-back these warranty dates to these apps. In the case of ConnectWise Automate you even get to use our custom plugin. Oh, and yes, we generate beautiful reports. You may login at any time to see the current state of affairs.

2. Is the Free edition really free?

Free Edition really is free! We feel it's the best way for our users to get started on our platform completely free of charge. You'll be able to quickly see the true value Warranty Master brings to the table, and yes, our Free Edition includes a trial of our more advanced features. While we are hopeful that you will find the other awesome features of our paid plans compelling enough to upgrade, if you decide never to upgrade, that's fine too.

3. Are there any minimum requirements?

Yes. For the time being you need either a working setup of any one of our supported apps/integrations. Also, if we are to perform any sort of warranty lookup, your devices will need to have a valid serial number in your platform. It always helps if the manufacturer and model number is also available. Email us if you'd like to be notified when we release support additional platforms or if you have others you'd like to suggest.

4. Can I connect to more than one data source (eg. PSA + RMM)?

Yes! In fact, connecting multiple data sources is encouraged, because our reports become more accurate and start including enhanced information such as our venerable OS reporting. As an added bonus, our reports will automatically account for duped devices and even display which devices are coming from which of your systems. We even go as far as helping you identify which assets are duplicated in which systems - useful beyond just warranties! Now, for all you sync-a-phobics it's a worry free move, because we never create/update/delete anything in any your remote systems (with the exception of simply updating warranty dates on existing devices if you've explicitly enabled the option in our control panel). It's all in a day's work for Warranty Master.

5. Does Warranty Master write back dates into my app/integration via API?

If the app supports it, then yes we sure do and it's called two-way sync. This means we'll write back the purchase dates and expiry dates that we're able to fetch for you. Two-way sync is supported by all the integrations listed below. Additionally, our ConnectWise Automate integration includes a custom plugin. The full list of apps that support two-way sync are below:

AppTwo-Way Sync
Autotask PSAYes
ConnectWise Automate (LabTech)Yes
ConnectWise Manage (ConnectWise)Yes
Datto RMM (AEM, Autotask Endpoint Management)Yes
IT GlueYes
Kaseya BMS (Vorex)Yes
Kaseya VSAYes

6. What types of assets/devices/configurations do you support?

We will generate reports for Servers, Workstations, Virtual Machines, Mobile, Network and Imaging Devices. Although we only perform warranty lookups of physical devices, our reporting includes support for Virtual Machines. Note: For the most part, we refer to devices & configurations as assets, but we will know what you’re talking about if you use the language from your integration.

7. What happens if we have an existing or manually entered purchase/expiry date in our system?

If we cannot find updated warranty data with the information we receive from the various manufacturers, then if possible we'll use your dates entered in your remote integration as a fallback. That way, you can still harness the power of our reporting on devices for which we are unable to find expiration dates. If we do find a date and it conflicts with what you've entered, here are the gruesome details: If the manufacturer's warranty expiration date conflicts with the date in your system, we use the one which is furthest into the future. For purchase date, the opposite is true. If the manufacturer's purchase date conflicts with the date in your system, we'll use the one which is furthest into the past. Just like Back to the Future!

If you would prefer to force a date into our system then you can use of our in-app device edit feature :)

8. Who are you guys and why did you do this?

We're an independent, vendor-neutral software company entering a market full of well-meaning, but often half-baked solutions. We aim to be the exact opposite. Our team has in-depth experience with enterprise IT and MSPs, combined with an often overlooked, but all too important focus on security and user-experience. Our platform grew out of a lack of Mastery in the area of warranty lookups, updates and management. We knew we could do better and so Warranty Master was born.

But, we don't believe our own hype. If you feel that we're doing something wrong, we'd love to hear about it. For more on this and our background see our #helloworld blog post.

9. How do you keep my data secure?

We go to considerable lengths to make sure the data processed by Warranty Master is securely handled. Whenever we connect to your remote systems, we use encryption from end to end. Other sensitive info, such as API credentials, is stored using military grade encryption. Even the channels between our various infrastructure components are encrypted. As for your sensitive payment info (eg. full credit card number), we don't store that at all. It is handled by our upstream payment gateway (the very reputable, Stripe). For more detailed information please see our terms of service and privacy policy.

10. Where is my data stored?

Our services are hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilities in the USA. Amazon takes security and compliance in their facilities very seriously. You can read more about it here and here.

11. How do you compare to other products?

There used to be a couple of offerings in the warranty update space which we felt were "kludgy", lacking features and required too much babysitting. Warranty Master is the gold-standard: A next-generation, vendor-neutral, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform which connects natively via API to our integrator partners and delivers a high value, low cost (and no-cost) product.

12. Which devices and manufacturers do you support?

Because of how our system works, we're not restricted to a "list of manufacturers". Rather, it depends entirely on the device model and serial number you have, not the manufacturer. Currently we support the largest number of manufacturers of servers and workstations in almost every country in the world. Our BHAG is to eventually support every single device in the world! For the time being, the best answer to this question is to simply signup for our Free Edition and setup your first sync, then you'll see specifically which devices in your environment we support.

13. Do you refresh the warranty dates, for example if I extend my warranty?

Yes! If you renew/extend a warranty, so long as it is registered with the manufacturer, it will be reflected in the data we receive from them, and therefore in your account. This process can take up to 30 days to refresh, but you don't need to notify us about it, it's already built-in!

14. Are your PDF reports white-labelled?

Yes, our PDF reports are white-labelled to your company name by default. We'll even use your own logo if you upload it to your account. In fact, our logo does not appear anywhere on the PDF. Feel free to steal all credit.  You can see more about this at our blog post announcing these very popular reports.

15. What's your roadmap and can I suggest a feature?

We love feature suggestions almost as much as warranties so please write to us. Our roadmap is currently not public because we like to deliver the product before the promise (not the opposite). Our blog is also a good place for announcements and finally, if you're already a user, there is a changelog in the main menu to show you what we've been up to. One thing is for sure, we're cooking on high :)

16. What is your cancellation policy?

We don't believe in imposing artificial limits on our customers, and our policy is that you may cancel anytime. We currently have no plans on changing this.

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