Automated Asset Lifecycle Management for enterprise organizations

Our simple, yet powerful CMDB integration allows for automatic two-way synchronization of Configuration Item (CI) information between ServiceNow and Warranty Master.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Automatically and continuously fetch servers, workstations, and network configurations from ServiceNow
  2. Perform warranty lookups using the configuration serial numbers with automated lookup for over 35+ OEMs
  3. Leverage the highly accurate lifecycle data to deliver instantaneous executive reporting
  4. Organizations will finally know where their infrastructure stands and have the ability to replace or renew all of their expired devices with minimal effort. Taking full control of asset lifecycle management is just an effortless API connection away.

Key features:

  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB) API integration
  • Two-Way Sync of information between ServiceNow and Warranty Master
  • Custom Sync Settings for ServiceNow CI Tables
  • Support for ServiceNow Domain Separation

With nothing to install, Warranty Master instantly connects to ServiceNow’s API to provide a completely automated CI lifecycle management solution for enterprise organizations.

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