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Masterfully Integrated to Your Favorite Apps.

Warranty Master connects to one (or more) of your asset data sources, looks up warranty info and writes the data back to your favorite tools including CMDB, ITAM, PSA, RMM, network management and documentation platforms. Within seconds you’ll be generating masterful reports to drive continuous improvement to your asset lifecycle management.

ConnectWise Manage (Cloud & On-Premise) is the popular PSA and we fully sync via API for read/write. Details 
Autotask PSA is one of our most popular integrations and is fully supported via API, including two-way sync! Details 
Masterful warranty lookups and reporting for enterprise organizations for the first time... ever! Details 
We went the extra mile with ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech RMM) and built a native plugin for direct in-app results! Details 
Kaseya VSA, the popular RMM is fully supported via API, including two-way sync! Details 
IT Glue is the gold-standard IT documentation app. We fully support their API to fetch and update your warranty dates. Details 
N-central (formerly N-able) by Solarwinds is easy to setup for rapid access to our Masterful device coverage and reports. Details 
We support Datto RMM (formerly AEM) the RMM by same folks that brought you Autotask via an easy-to-setup API connection. Details 
Masterful warranty lookups for Continuum's RMM have arrived! Details 
Solarwinds MSP RMM (formerly GFI MAXfocus RemoteManagement) is supported via a simple API connection. Details 
We sync with LogMeIn Central's API for automatic warranty reporting. Details 
Your NinjaRMM syncs with Warranty Master, all without lifting a finger! Details 
Masterful warranty lookups for Auvik for the first time... ever! Details 
We harness the API of Atera's a born-in-the-cloud RMM/PSA app. Details 
We support both the MSP and non-MSP editions of Panorama9 including two-way sync! Details 
Avast Managed Workplace (formerly AVG Business) is supported by API. Details 
Pulseway is a newer RMM we support by syncing assets via API for our world-class warranty lookups. Details 
Warranty Master talks to Kaseya BMS (aka Vorex) via API like a match made in heaven. Warranty Heaven. Details 
With RG System's RG Supervision, simply generate an API key and sit back as we do the rest! Details 
We sync with Naverisk's all-in-one RMM/PSA via API to perform our world-class warranty reporting. Details 
Gold-standard warranty lookup and reporting has arrived for ManageEngine Desktop Central. Details 
Masterful SyncroMSP warranty checks? You bet, this is our bread and butter :) Details 

Is there another integration you'd like us to support? If so, please let us know!

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