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Warranty Lookup Plugin? Check!

We effortlessly sync with ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech) to lookup warranties on your assets and pull them into your Warranty Masterâ„¢ account, but why stop there? Our integration includes a beautifully designed, high-performance LabTech plugin which presents the results directly within LabTech, becoming our most tightly integrated offering to date. Behold our trademark animated screenshot:

Automatic ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech) Warranty Lookup Updates
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"The new LabTech integration is fantastic. Our managers are raving about how much time this is saving us. The setup can't be any easier, and Warranty Masterâ„¢ is right... it just works."
- Richard B., Nexxtep Technology Services

"We had been using a different solution before moving over to Warranty Masterâ„¢. The LabTech integration is awesome. The app itself is simple to install, intuitive, and I will even say fun!"
- Chad M., GadellNet

Woah, So Cool! How Does it Work?

  1. We connect to LabTech to automatically fetch servers and workstations (aka "computers" in LabTech-speak).
  2. We perform warranty lookups using the serial numbers.
  3. We push the updated warranty dates back to LabTech via our beloved plugin.
  4. Your technicians see warranty status at a glance from within LabTech without all the $$$ reporting financials.
  5. We deliver game-changing reports (Pro Edition Only)
  6. Then we do it all over again... again... again...

Dont miss our blog post announcing this feature.

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