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Automatic Warranty Lookups for LogMeIn Central

Gone are the days of manually trying to find out when your LogMeIn Central devices are out of warranty. Warranty Masterâ„¢ does this for you... automatically!

Long story short, we fetch your servers/workstations from LogMeIn Central and put perform automated warranty lookups to deliver our game-changing data and reports. In other words, you can now finally know when your infrastructure stands and replace/renew all those expired devices!

Best of all there's nothing to install. Since Warranty Masterâ„¢ instantly connects via API, you can automate this traditionally painful process, once and for all.

Please note: For our LogMeIn Central integration, you must be on LMI Central's "Premiere" Edition. Also, although we perform the lookups on all supported devices, Free Edition users only be able to drill down into a limited number of devices (all whilte still harnessing the fully tallied global stats). Pro Edition users get full access.

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Automatic LogMeIn Central Warranty Lookup Updates

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