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Warranty Lookups and Updates for SolarWinds MSP RMM

Warranty Masterâ„¢ is the world's only continuous warranty lookup and management platform with direct support for SolarWinds MSP RMM (formerly LogicNow MAXfocus RemoteManagement and before that known as GFI Max).

  1. We automatically fetch servers and workstations from SolarWinds MSP RMM.
  2. We perform warranty lookups using the serial numbers.
  3. We leverage the data to deliver game-changing reports.
  4. Then we do it all over again... again... again...

With nothing to install, Warranty Masterâ„¢ instantly connects via API so that you can finally take control of your warranties, once and for all.

For our MAXfocus integration, although we actually perform the lookups on all supported devices, Free Edition users only be able to drill down on a limited number of devices. Pro Edition users get full access.

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Automatic SolarWinds MSP RMM (formely MAXfocus) Warranty Lookup Updates

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