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Top 11 Reasons for Warranty Masterâ„¢

  1. Reduces your costs. Stop wasting time managing the mundane task of looking up and documenting your warranty expiration dates. Warranty Masterâ„¢ takes care of this in seconds, like the warranty lookup firehose you've always dreamed of.
  2. Helps you drive standardization. It's well-known and widely accepted that most physical assets have an expected useful life span. As they get older, your support team gets busier troubleshooting them. This costs you money. Warranty Masterâ„¢ helps you reduce the risk of older devices clogging up your support pipeline by identifying potentially problematic devices before they become a headache.
  3. Revenue generating. There's no time like the present! We generate our beloved PDFs for direct consumption by your customers and stakeholders, fully white-labeled of course! Nobody likes seeing all those expired devices so they proactively start placing replacement/renewal orders. Watch the orders for replacement devices and/or warranty upgrades flow like you've never seen.
  4. It's affordable. Really affordable. Plus the return on investment you get is enough to make you wonder why you didn't sign up sooner.
  5. Increases end-user satisfaction. An old device is more likely to cause problems to its users (your clients). Clients just need your help to say "YES" to replacements.
  6. Increases employee satisfaction. A current device will make your technical crew take on more challenging tasks rather than getting bogged down with troubleshooting out-of-date equipment.
  7. Zero maintenance. Since you have no people to manage, no software to install, our solution updates itself.
  8. Haute Technologie. Our engine boasts the broadest worldwide device coverage with the greatest accuracy and highest speed. Plus we leverage advanced techniques (e.g. Actual Intelligence!) to adapt itself over time. This is how we can achieve the greatest rates of successful lookups compared to all other solutions on the market. Better success rates = better data. Better data helps you make better decisions.
  9. Fully-supported. Our support team is *not* a blackhole. Instead we've stacked our support team with a frighteningly dedicated, super-responsive, full-stack beast. One happy Aussie user put it best: "We get actual responses from people not robots. Warranty Masterâ„¢ delivers the kind of customer service I like!"
  10. Cuts your workload. You actually have more time to do value-added work.

    ... and the #1 reason for Warranty Masterâ„¢ is ...

  11. It just works. End of story.

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This tool has become a staple in our lifecycle management process! It's far and away the best product in its class!

Alex F., Managing Partner
Delaware Micro-Computer (Delaware, USA)

Go out, no, run out and look at Warranty Masterâ„¢. The amount of replacement revenue I just came across was truly staggering... Warranty Masterâ„¢ is the rare product that pays for itself and helps the MSP and the customer at the same time.

Rich T., CEO
TMCnet (Norwalk, CT)

"Warranty Masterâ„¢ turns simple data, into relevant, powerful (often startling!) commercial information. Couple this with intuitive, clear and concise white label reporting and we've got the tools to drive opportunity and deliver our customers with the service roadmap they demand. I can't remember the last time I used a dashboard that was this native."

Tom L., Account Manager
Virage IT (Melbourne, Australia)

"We absolutely love Warranty Masterâ„¢. It has taken the very time consuming process of tracking down warranty information on our client's devices and turned it into one of the easiest tasks we perform. The reporting is professional, easy to understand, and client ready!"

Kelsey N., Program Manager
NetCenergy (Rhode Island, NY)

"I can't tell you how much time this is going to save our inside reps checking warranty data, in addition to the reports being an amazing customer talking point! The ease of setup and responsiveness are amazing."

Jason H., IT Operations Manager
Computer Solutions (Texas, USA)

"Warranties are not something that we have tracked accurately or been able to provide detailed analysis across our managed estate of devices. Twined with our RMM system I now foresee that using Warranty Master's reporting will undoubtedly generate sales whilst ensuring we actively monitor all device warranty statutes."

James H., Technical Director
Air-IT (Nottingham, UK)

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